by This Machine Kills Vibes

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A little album about a big nervous breakdown.


released December 28, 2014

Spencer Krull - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Synth Programming, Keys
Scot Adams - Drums, Production
Kara Ficke - Background Vocals on "Here at the Ending"



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This Machine Kills Vibes Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln, Nebraska art punk

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Track Name: Burning Down the Hours
I've seen the fire burn out in your eyes
Embers cooling in your soul
You don't need the flame to fantasize
Liquid courage makes you whole

Radiate on something new
Something stolen, something true
Something's burning down the hours
Grab your weapons, go to town
Who builds it up will tear it down
What's to blame but faulty towers

Like a drug, I need it desperately
Feel the bugs crawl in my skin
Something's missing, where's the rest of me
Stripped and broken once again

Where's the boy you knew of years ago
The man you see buried him deep
Take it easy, baby, take it slow
Ain't no use in losing sleep

So stop and look a picture's worth a thousand words
A thousand voices who are waiting to be heard
And something's burning down the hours
Well, what's to blame but faulty towers
Track Name: Here at the Ending
Want another reaction
I despise this side of you
And your passion's so thin that I see through
Want that dull satisfaction
And to know this feeling's true
But there's less of a chance to start anew

Start it from something, build it to nothing
Stranded on repeat
Ready or not, you surely have got me
Resigned to defeat

I know what you're all about
So in anger, I lash out
Don't know what you're fighting for
I'll get mine and you'll get yours

So you turned out the hero
Did you play the winning card
Did you happen to catch me off my guard

Got me here at the ending
Did you pull the final straw
Seems it's come up to me to take the fall
Nothing left that's worth mending
You've left me standing in awe
And I've come a long way from standing tall
Track Name: Mysterious Skin
Where's your self worth? Non-existent
Can't even look me in the eye
Are you cast out? Feeling distant?
Can you let out a deeper sigh?

Stay within your comfort zone
'Cause that's the fuckin' way she goes
Me, myself, I'm on my own
My nights are highs my days are lows, SAY

It picks me up and puts me
Right back where we started from
I just want something that will take me higher
I know you want company
It rings out in each chord you strum
Shut me out and leave me hanging on a wire

Loose, pale skin hangs from your shoulders
Where is the old beautiful you?
Clear to see you're getting older
Your veins a different shade of blue

Strangers all seem so alarming
They turn to you a bitter stare
Everyone is sick and charming
Just who's skin would you like to wear
Track Name: Neutrals
If there were instant karma
Not a lot of good would come your way and
You left a path of trauma
Gotta let the good fall to dismay
Where did our time of peace go
Looking like we're under friendly fire
You set yourself up weak, though
Looking like you won't get your desire

But you'll feel it coming, feel it coming in fast
But you're no survivor, wont outlive or outlast
Well who's in the wrong will the stone be cast by me
We're through being sympathetic
Course ran too long, 'cause we let it
Come again, you'll leave regretfully

Oh no, you found some footing
Never should have let my guard down so low
Break down and take to looting
Boy, you sure know how to host a show
The anger still resounding
But again you take a sudden step and
End up on rival grounding
Fucking up, you still aren't winning yet

Won't be content until you're gone
'Cause there's no stopping 'til it's done
Opposing sides give in too soon
But now the neutrals mean your doom
Track Name: Burn Eternally
So it goes, your pride is in dispose
Got me questioning the path I chose
Your white lies have led to your demise
Got the look of ruin in your eyes

Oh, you pretty things! Send forth your offering
Idle hands are useless
Notice the words you sing, no use in suffering
Know it can be ruthless
Ain't no Olympian, I'm just a simple man
Drowning in my hubris
Behold my arrogance hiding in eloquence

Lost in deep emotion
Cast in fire and sea
Drown in priceless moments
Burn eternally

Through the cracks, you seek a great perhaps
Choruses will sing of your collapse

My image puts on a grand facade
The privilege of living like a god

All undressed, you lay yourself to rest
How'd you get so truly self-obsessed
Like Adonis, overlaid in brawn
Horrid child transformed to perfect swan
Track Name: Like Tempting Fate
Summer ends, the leaves start falling
I feel you shiver take me all in
Will you remember when the morning brings first light
Or will we even make it through the night

I know my eyes are open
I know the door is closing
I need what's on the other side

And thought I'm moving through hell
Only heaven can wait
You've got me under your spell
Nothing like tempting fate
You've got my heart on the run
But your mind's in the way
Maybe I'm jumping the gun
But it's too soon to say

I feel I'm always walking on edge
No accusations left to allege
Will I remember when the last leaf hits the ground
Or will I be another big let down

For you, I am elated
On you I am fixated
If I fail you, god knows I tried
Track Name: Devil's in the Details
Ring in the golden years
The best ones of our lives
Seems like you've said too much
But still your word survives
Repeating and repeating
'Til we're driven mad
Remember these years
Are the best you've ever had

Just like the pot calling the kettle black
No load off my mind, no skin off my back
Patience is a virtue, beauty is a fading flower
Take the scene route and while away the hours

Silence is falling and
The air is turning gold
Your story's gruesome
And it's better off untold
A pack of lies so deep
It puts the sea to shame
Do you get pleasure knowing
You're the one to blame

The devil's in the details
And the details' in your kiss
But I won't ever let you get away with this
You're willfully ignorant
I hear every word you're saying
Yeah, I'm a walking cliche but I feel the pain

You always say the words
That come into my head
Unpracticed mindreader
Clairvoyant, born and bred
I stare right through your thick skull
Straight into your mind
These gold years are full of
Secrets to unwind
Track Name: Human After All
Wake up, wherever you are
Something's got me seeing stars
And where I am is not my home
And again I'm moving fast
To the bottom of my glass
And soon these hands are not my own

When the last drink's been imbibed
Pour another stay inside
Got me feeling less than small
Love the feel of skin on skin
But this mind is free of sin
You make me human after all

Swallow whatever you can
Ancient pain in a young man
And slip on in to your defense
One obsession to the next
Moving slow, you get no rest
You push away at your expense
Track Name: Lost in Space
I'll set controls right for the center of the sun
Along the way we must have taken a wrong turn
I get the feeling that this soon will come undone
It's too familiar and I recognize the burn

All at once, or on our own
Desolate the unbeknown

Ascending higher, higher, straight into the heart of fire
Feel the heat rise as we melt away
We've forgotten what we are, so let's blast off, take to the stars
Let's ignore it all and call it fate

Fixed on me in imminence
Living out in future tense

There was a light that burn so deep inside of you
But it was put out long ago
These phony lights of ours all shine a different hue
We've gotta find our inner glow

Let's take a journey straight into the last frontier
We're sure to find what we are looking for out there
I must escape before I waste another year
You know that feeling that comes creeping through the air

Night by night it eats away
And comes again another day

I'll leave the human race, blast off tonight, get lost in space
They say the future's written in the stars
The universe is vast, our lives are blinks that end too fast
And no one dies without earning their scars

Maybe this won't come to pass
Reaching my critical mass
Track Name: New World Order
Paranoia has its prophets
To hear their words is to have lost it
Inside jokes and inside secrets
They're plain to see why should they be kept
Hidden in plain sight but from the blind
Slipping up, your farce is showing
Break out the facts and keep them flowing
Outer space and outer limits
The future's dark, the light's so dim it
Casts itself on what we need to find

Everybody gather 'round
I guess it's time to start a new world order
Love to hear that freedom sound
So grab your guns and meet me at the border

As a whole, we stand united
The control shall be divided
CIA, Illuminati, better join the winning party
When the time comes
Whose side are you on?
In a lie, the truth is hidden
But the truth has been forbidden
Hidden scales and hidden faces
Burn it all and leave no traces
Waiting for our judgment day to dawn

Lock up your windows, and lock up your daughters
The end is oncoming, prepare for the slaughter
Right before your eyes, you're too blind to see
I'm enlightened, so why are you questioning me?

On and on, we'll keep predicting
But the end will keep on shifting
Paranoia, psychosis
It climbs in us and runs amiss but
Everything must someday come to end
Track Name: Social Urchin
Seems like we're parting ways my oldest friend
Well I say better late than not
Well, there is no use trying to pretend
It seems I've hit an odd sore spot

Ain't so much like you just to turn me away
You are the one who's done me wrong
And I know you're the one who started the fray
And then you kept it running long

So fictional, I revert back to the original
So full of apathy, so typical
You messianic individual
I revert back to thee

You non-ironic son of Jesus Christ
Just where did you mind go searching
Well, you've left nothing for us to entice
You've become some social urchin
Track Name: All Dance Around
Skies open, and I'm hoping
Soon they will be clear
So watch in awe as cities start to disappear
Man's fallen, someone's calling
Judgment day is here
But nothing shakes that dismal ringing in your ear

And when it all has been laid to waste
Who will be left to sing our praise
And something crawls out the ground
Come watch the dead all dance around
To a dying sound
And as your maker descends
There's nothing left but to repent
As the whole world ends

Forsaken, what's awakened
Are you still the same
What will we do when we've forgotten our own name
Lost Eden, ground's a-bleedin'
All goes up in flame
It cleanses all and leaves you burning in your shame

Conjure nostalgia, moving in on blind foresight
We're looking back at days gone by
Walk in somnambulance, receiving your last rights
But always keeping your eyes off the gaping skies

And as we draw to a close
Your skin will start to decompose
In your final throes
And watch your soul ascending
Apocalypse is impending
All is unending