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A collection of songs based on short stories from the novel "Haunted" by Chuck Palahniuk.


released October 31, 2013

Spencer Krull - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drum & Synth programming



all rights reserved


This Machine Kills Vibes Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln, Nebraska art punk

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Track Name: Guts
Inside the sick young teenage mind
Lies pleasure island
Always look for new ways of feeling good
I swear there is no better grind
Than pearl diving
It's not a question of if I should

Now I'm lying at the bottom in a pool of ecstasy
And no, I'm not foreseein' this'll get the best of me
Pull me out and get me to emergency
So they can turn me inside out

Now with my insides on the mend
Can't pick and choose 'em
Like diving in, but ripping out
There are some stories with an end that is so gruesome
Even the French won't talk about
Track Name: Foot Work
Summer of love has come and gone
No reflex changes
When suddenly your life will a turn
Right for the strangest

Running, always running
All this foot work got you done in
For they know your only face
Your every move
Ain't no use in hiding
All your stars have stopped colliding
And you know that you've lost
Everything to lose

Travel the world,
Perform your tricks among the richest
You work your magic and
You leave them all in stitches

Put me in a coma baby, maybe stop my heart
It's worth it for the human work of art
Spend remaining days with your eyes focusing behind
And push the energy to the back of your mind
Track Name: Green Room
Find a way to hide from lights reflecting
You found a way to reinvent the wheel
Miss America, you'd sell yourself for anything
So take the stage, you've got a show to steal

Your best year have come and gone
You pretty young thing
It's not what you think
At least fake a smile, yeah, you'll be here for a while

Talk about the colors that you're wearing
And how they'll make you stand out in the light
Don't fuck up with all those people staring
Your photography won't make everything right
Track Name: Slumming
I am king of the rich
Paid in society's niche
No spark left to enrich
You'll find me in a ditch
But know, i'm not the last

I am queen of the bums
Rich bitch among the bums
From caviar to scrounging crumbs
Disguised with rich alums
Until it all turns inside out

Naked bound and gagged
To where your body's dragged
And if you want to get away
Please join me in the grey

Here comes the king of the night
He's looking for a fight
Killed someone in our sight
How can I set things right
So now it's time to disappear
Track Name: Swan Song
Familiar faces show up once in a while
A kindly gait with an old-fashioned smile
The story is boring but it's all how it's told
Disgrace is remembered over brave or bold

Here it is, the story of my life
And it's all fabricated
Sacrifices made at your expense
And now you're so infamous
Just be glad that you're not here
To see the world, how it remembers
You who walked with us all year
From January to December

Remember the boy we called "Danny Next Door"
Found shot, soaked in gin, sunk in filth, strewn in porn
And just who discovered Danny's sad, downward spiral
Well, familiar faces show up once in a while
Track Name: Dog Years
Angels tell me act your age
But I'm much younger than I look
A story on another page
Written in a different book
Feeling sorry for the kid
Growing old before his time
He always keeps his secrets hidden
Everybody else is blind

See my life flash before my eyes
My act it seems to hypnotize
I'll lock you up inside experiments
And all this gained from my experience

I pass my years by seven count
I feel like a dying mutt
I'm full of life without a doubt
But it's a life spent in the ruts
I wanna hear you say my name
Don't wanna die an aged youth
If only we could be the same
My love it still would not be true
Track Name: Ambition
Hide in bathrooms after dark
That's where I leave my calling card
Behold my masterpiece, my work of art
But don't get on my lesser side
I won't be taken for a ride
Will I be the one who will stop your heart

Want to know just how far you'll go
Will you pull the trigger to be known
And now that we all know your name
Will your fate end up the same
So watch your back or disappear
Ain't no use living in fear
Ambition kills

I know what I've done for me
A chain event of killing sprees
But now you know my face, you know my name
But when is it my turn to die
When will I stare death in the eye
In the end, I am the one to blame

Oh, I'm reduced to trash
But to me, it's bold and brash
Track Name: Post-Production (Tess Clark's Magnum Opus mvmt I)
Tell me where has our love gone
It seems we're missing a spark
Let's publicize everything private
Doesn't matter in the dark

I see what we are with
No one to count upon, nothing to act upon
We can't get this time back, so come on, come on

The scene is set
Lights, camera, action
We act out our fake satisfaction
The dreams of our problems
All solved in a flash

When I play it all back
I only see wasted time
With my legs wrapped around you
And your arms entangled in mine
Track Name: Exodus
Lifeless eyes, they hypnotize
They offer up much to entice
A feeling like a razor blade
Is payment for the sins you've made

Silicon skin and plastic hair
I'll protect you through and through
But no one really seems to care
What am I going to do?

Anatomically correct
But never used just to detect
Until disease is spread around
This whole damn place is going down

Pack us up and we'll skip town
If they catch up we're going down
My artificial family
Has come to damning me
Track Name: Punch Drunk
Times are looking grey and our future's looking grim
Only one thing left for us to do
Sole survivor, last one standing, you're our chosen him
Keep us going, watch us, see us through

There's nothing above like there's nothing below
There's nothing but a waste of time
There's nothing but fear and it's all just for show
A false sense of reason to rhyme

Punch drunk, in drag, and screaming
God is dead, god is dead
I keep on searching for a hidden meaning
God is dead, god is dead

Nothing like the feeling of bare knuckles on your face
Nothing like the sting that follows up
Everybody wants to make the world a better place
When we reach the end it's bottoms up
Track Name: Ritual
Cryptic little noises always draw a laugh
Originate in horrors drawing from your past
A comic act of violence may have saved your life
While other poor souls went under the knife

Captain's got you caught up in his ritual
The kind that you could only wish were spiritual
They say that happy accidents came come and go
And life is always counting on their ebb and flow

So raise up your guns boys
Send in the troops
Send in the kids with nothing to lose
War is a prison
Yeah, war is hell
And there's some secrets you don't tell
Track Name: The Nightmare Box (Tess Clark's Magnum Opus mvmt II)
Here the noise, that ticking void
It's got me paranoid
So stock the shelves, and hang yourself
Your eyes have seen hell

Step right up, don't need no luck
Just say when you've had enough
Youthful seer, your face shows fear
And soon you'll disappear

In nightmares

What's inside, yeah, what's to hide
Why have the others died
Memories chased, your mind erased
You feel more than safe
Track Name: Civil Twilight
A pounding on the pavement
Becomes our signal to run
Redefining what brave meant
Crack skulls after the sun

Stay in and lock the noise out
You're safe inside your shell
But even here you have doubt
Civil Twilight brings hell

Oh, our sister vigilante
Clean up the neighborhood
Raise the stakes and up the ante
It's for the greater good
Track Name: Product Placement
You dare talk down to me
Well I have had enough
Aspiring critic to be
The rest will go down rough

It's in the cut, it's in the clean
Keep your mouth shut, this aint' a dream
It's in the cut, it's in the clean
Keep your mouth shut and don't you scream

You give me satisfaction
Beyond my wildest dreams
That's why I hold you for ransom
Or I'll bring you down with me
Track Name: Speaking Bitterness
A negative plan
No woman or man
Should be subject to any abuse
No weight on your chest
You're not like the rest
Yeah, boy, you've got something to prove

Close your eyes and
Count your blessings
Wear your disguise or
Start undressing

Ain't no use in speaking bitterness
Ain't no use to stir up a mess
Ain't no use in living irony
Ain't no use enforcing tyranny

Don't open your mind
We don't like your kind
We warned you once, turn and leave
We'll hold you down
And look you around
And judge you by all that we see
Track Name: Crippled
Impostor in the tool shed and a watcher in the trees
A perfect little life where I can do all that I please
You come along to ruin me, but I can't let that be
So I'll dispose of you, assume a new identity

It's quite alright, it's quite alright
I've been here once before
Won't put up a fight, won't put up a fight
That's what our deal is for

I'm picking out a victim, some fraudulent piece of shit
I understand your motives, I know I'm a hypocrite
But you can't seem to do it, so let's cut some even ground
You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours, or else you can take me down
Track Name: Dissertation
No sense talking conspiracies
I'll tell you all that you please
Am I monster, am I man
Am I catalyst to your plan

Not for blood, not for money
Just wanna get to know you honey
Don't ask why
Strange no matter how you spin it
I think we should give it
The old college try

Spark a wave of civil rights
New age female Jesus Christ
Tell me that it's all for kink
Tell me I'm your missing link
Track Name: Poster Child (Tess Clark's Magnum Opus mvmt III)
Sad tale of Cassandra Clark
She went out strolling after dark
Leaving just a question mark
She vanished in thin air
Found her nightmare in a box
She fought at life and broke the locks
But people say she's off her rocks
No sanity to spare

Not the girl we've known for all these years
Rather run than lead your problems here
Poster child, victim of herself
Won't say nothing, just refuse your help

Just when Tess was feeling alone
Cassandra soon came limping home
An empty shell, a mindless drone
She'd all but lost her mind

The doctors they did what they could
Her insides damaged, full of wood
Detectives saying, "Yes, she should
Tell everything she knows"
But soon the city's filled with doubt
No revenge could be acted out
Some monster roaming all about
Conflicting in his prose
Track Name: Something's Got to Give
Check your purse and leave your coat
You act like you have seen a ghost
Stillborn life upon the shelf
Syncing to my inner self

Something draws you in
Tells you something's got to give
Psychic is what you think you are
You found your future in a jar
Tragedy from a fallen star
Got visions coming from afar

Cut through flesh to gain your prize
Fucked up under watchful eyes
All this trouble for a fake
Now you see what's all at stake

Psychic communication breakdown
Track Name: Hot Potting
Just what good does religion bring
Blood boils hotter than the springs
I hear you screaming in the woods
You think you act for greater good

You're not the first we've lost this way
I remember you renounced faith
I can't save you 'cause you've fallen apart
Your missing legs, your broken heart
Your falling out was falling in
Pin me down, you paralyze my hips
My frozen teeth, my frozen lips
Can't remedy this frozen skin

Do you believe your prayers are heard
We hear you screaming every word
But here's a different kind of cry
The one you hear before you die
Track Name: Cassandra (Tess Clark's Magnum Opus mvmt IV)
Day by day, it feels like
I get to know you even less and less
Can't seem to pull anything back together
'Cause this life's a mess
Put you our of your misery
I don't know you

I'm alone, I'm afraid, don't know where you came from
All I want to know is why
There is nothing that makes me more numb
Than the lifeless dead look in your eye
Darling Cassandra, my strange little girl
Your damaged mind was not right for this world
When you came back you were never the same
Now your lifeless body is rotting away

Down in the wilderness
I have come to say goodbye
In peace do I hope you rest
You break with a morbid sigh
I'm gonna miss you
My post-production girl
Track Name: Evil Spirits
Everyone around you
Suddenly they start to drop
And suddenly you find yourself
In a strange place waking up
Your life cut short before its time
Not even old enough to smoke
Become imprisoned in your prime
And your life feels like a cruel joke

Someday I'll make my escape
Ooh, the infamous prison break
Got an evil spirit
We gotta exorcise
It's got me feeling deathly sick
Ain't got time to socialize

Everyone around you
Suddenly they disappear
And soon enough you find yourself
In a cell living in fear
Strange how fast it changes
One day here, the next day gone
But I've come past the dangerous
A three month stay to carry on

Yeah, I must be on my way
Track Name: Obsolete/The Ballad of Rant Casey (Lying in the Sun) (bonus track)
The human race is obsolete
So grab my hand, oh baby
Don't look down
The distance closing in on me
How long will it be before we
Hit the ground?

Death is the new life
Cosmic paradise
There's no use living
There's no use living
Hop into the car
Heaven's in the stars
There's no use living
There's no use living

My body has seen better days
it's been through thick and thin
It's getting worn
Against the human condition
Through inner peace my soul
Shall be reborn

(bonus track:)
Stick and stones may break my bones
But crashing cars excites me
Rabid mind, not in control
The poison just enlights me

Lying in the sun
I've come undone

Slow your brain, detach from time
And find yourself immortal
Start you life upon echoes
Bring yourself to the world

And I know it'll all make sense in time
There will finally be some reason to this rhyme
That hellbent night forever in our minds
It's like you only had to push rewind