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released August 16, 2015



all rights reserved


This Machine Kills Vibes Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln, Nebraska art punk

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Track Name: Impressions of Myself
Why would you waste your days
Hoping that it all works out
But you're not counting on it
That's real enough
Why would you waste away
Covering your whereabouts
But you got me to admit
You called my bluff

With all in unison
Talking 'bout the way you think
But I'm in opposition
To each their own
But ain't it overdone
Banking on another drink
To keep me in position
My cover's blown

Waste your breath on empty prayers
Suffocating, losing air
It's too late, too late to say you care
And so I fall to ruin
Feels like I'm always doing
Impressions of myself
And I feel trouble brewing
Feel like I'm always doing
Impressions of myself

So now you go the course
Hearing all the old cliches
Wondering who is hidden
Behind the mask
But trace it to the source
Fucking up your turn of phrase
Leaving it half unwritten
No use to ask

So now you spend your time
Moaning 'bout the way you keep
Pushing off knowing you need
A change of venue
At the beginning, I'm
Fearful of the way time creeps
Up on you, hoping you'll bleed
To be continued

So come watch my undoing
Feels like I'm always doing
Impressions of myself
Track Name: I Am Infatuation
I get lost in you, baby
How's that gonna get on?
Maybe I am true crazy
With no flame to bet on
Me and you, we met
But we barely shared a moment
You are my latest must see
You are my new omen

So if you're inspiration
I am infatuation
A hopeless romantic
To build you up on high
I'll make you fabrication
Just call me fascination
It's sycophantic, baby
But it gets me by

Not the kind for meddling
In amorous affairs
Just know I'm giving you the most
Glamorous of stares
Rather give into my passion
Than explore your mind
One day soon I know I'll have to
Answer for my crimes

Got me dead to rights
Could I wash the red off my hands
Keep me in your sights
Should I stray off into new lands
Soon I'm washed away
By an overwhelming notion
Who am I to say
I'm not drowning in your ocean
Track Name: Move So Well
I'm not gonna whine away
Make like a tree and pine all day
I'm broke but there's hell to pay
Blacked out on my power play
I need something to control
Don't stop, I was on a roll
No use trying to resist me
Unless you cease and desist me
You and me have history
Of passive, balled-up fists, you see
Lost in our own mystery
Can you coexist with me

And so I chide
Of how I fell
It's in the way you move
And you move so well
And to my pride
I bid farewell
I've got nothing to prove
And you move so well

Maybe I will fret away
Sit soaking in regret all day
Last in all the shit you say
Just how much does your burden weigh
Now I've met my nega-self
Made up of all the same cells
Still ongoing, trying to fix me
I would blame you if you missed me
And when we are at the end
I won't stand tall and shake your hand
After all we'll start again
It's been this way since we began
Track Name: Say Something Surreal
I beg for more, I implore
You won't see me anymore
You've cut the chord, closed the door
Gave me what for
I lose my head, drown in dread
You don't care so go ahead
You've made your bed, stopped me dead
What's left unsaid

Say something surreal
Louder with more feel
Gentle and dreamlike
Neither one alike

I've seen this act, I know the end
No drive to be, no grief to spend
Cross your fingers, make amends
I see the foe in my best friend

I've lost your trust, and my lust
Drives me to act so unjust
We've turned to dust, I'll adjust
You are a must
I'm so confused, quit the ruse
Did I win or did I lose
What did you choose, I accuse
You are my muse
Track Name: Burden of Proof
To what do I owe this pleasure
Says here that you've lost your leisure
How low can you be
But you ride in on all your vices
Got me feeling circumcised
Take me back now to the start
Tell me where you fell apart
There's no answer
Oh don't you act so distraught
Just be glad that what you've got
Is not quite cancer

I've heard your lips are loose
The burden of proof lies on you
But do you speak the truth
The burden of proof lies on you

How you try to wax quixotic
Do you think you're so exotic
Not of our own
But you rode in just like a spectre
Seeing in a different texture
Cracks in the stone
Got the power to go high
But you blind your inner eye
Force it open
Let's give it another go
Reconcile yourself and know
You're not coping
Track Name: Portrait of the "Artist" as a Young Burnout: 1) The Best at First Impressions 2) Interlude 3) Twins Peaking
1) The Best at First Impressions:
Soldier on, young burnout
Fight the power
You've arrive at the eleventh hour
Caught up in your mix-up
Of the truth
No one can perceive time such as you

Get away before
It's too late

You're the best at first impressions
When we meet, you keep me guessing
Time with you is always draining
I'll never see you changing

Live a life so free
Breaking every bond
Still thinking beyond

Sedentary burnout
Fade away
When is the last time you made my day
For all of our sakes
Could you mature
How are you such a caricature

Overblown in your

I can't imagine
When we'll meet again
Who am I to judge
I can hold a grudge

2) Interlude

3) Twins Peaking:
I used to think
That there was something redeeming
I used to think
That there was some hope for you
Now I know
That those feelings had no meaning
Now I know
That your aim was never true

Something is climbing
No reason rhyming

Locked into a boundless cycle
This time my decisions final
Feel the break of two twins peaking
Spite in a manner of speaking

I used to think
That defending you was useful
I used to think
That you deserved all my help
Now I know
That your treatment's just abuseful
Now I know
That you can't defend yourself

Losing our attention
Changing your dimension

You went and lost your mind
Now you're acting unkind