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released November 7, 2016

Spencer Krull - Vocals, Guitar
Alex Steele - Guitar, Vocals
Robert Specht - Bass, Vocals
Marshal Fisher - Drums

Artwork by Roxanna Piersol



all rights reserved


This Machine Kills Vibes Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln, Nebraska art punk

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Track Name: Crown
I'm not a fake, it's not a phase
I don't feel safe in my own skin
Can you see my reservations
Why's your reaction so malaise
Can I not count you for a friend
An awkward piece of information

Am I lesser in your eyes
Is this just a compromise
There is no absolution
Abuse is no solution
There's no time to wait and see
With no life expectancy
We should break the institution

I'll keep raising myself up
Convince me to fall back down
I know I'm strong enough
I'll wear this crown

I am a human, I'm awake
And because of you I'm sick
With your mindset based in evil
Don't play along just for my sake
I am not how you get your kicks
I am nothing less than equal

Can you hold me like another
Or am I your burden now
Just like before I am no bother
An allied face among the crowd

So I come into my own
Cuz I know I'm not alone
There is no need to resist
Cuz friendly faces exist
There's no need to pull away
And leave it all so torn and frayed
There is a point you might have missed
Track Name: Burden of Proof (Steele version)
To what do I owe this pleasure
Says here that you've lost your leisure
How low can you be
But you ride in on all your vices
Got me feeling circumcised

Take me back now to the start
Tell me where you fell apart
There's no answer
Oh, don't you act so distraught
Just be glad that what you've got
Is not quite cancer

I heard your lips are loose
The burden of proof lies on you
But do you speak the truth
The burden of proof lies on you

How you try to wax quixotic
Do you think your so exotic
Not of our own
But you rode in just like a spectre
Seeing in a different texture
Cracks in the stone

Got the power to go high
But you blind your inner eye
Force it open
Let's give it another go
Reconcile yourself and know
You're not coping
Track Name: Stendhal Syndrome
Fix your blank stare on the screen
It's the optic coup-de-grace
I am told keep my distance
This eternal prank of the scene
With an everlasting draw
Is our piece de resistance
You found himself mortified
In a state of casualty
But your senses stayed complete
While you were left horrified
We moved on to better things
Now you partake in discreet

Fixation turn us aside
Gotta bring us back to health
Everlasting joy denied
Not a love which can be felt

Still, down the road lies a home
Where the broken go to heal
And the better go to serve
This humble abode, relapse prone
Has its track marks to reveal
And its secrets on reserve

Searching for the stellar high
But is it ever ours
Stare at the image and cry
My god, it's full of stars
Out of action, in disguise
To settle up the score
Slipping through unrecognized
Mistakes could lead to war
Track Name: These Blue Skies Get Old
Sunny skies can be a pain
Is it too much to ask
For a little rain
Now, I'm through with getting burned
And I will greet the sun in awe
When it's been earned

Some days, these blue skies get old
They should know
They live beyond the pale
Of all this, I've been foretold
Soon we all shall see
How man can fail

Sun is shining on decay
And I would never risk
Exposure to those rays
Cloudy day, satisfy me
And I can't wait to see us
Fall to entropy

So I guess I'll pick and choose
Stormy weather or
The sun that's born to lose
If it's raining all year round
California's calling
Waiting to be drowned

And when these blue skies get made
Wake me up cuz that'll be the day
I'll take part in that parade
Welcoming the grey skies here to stay

These blue skies get old